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How To Become a Facebook Lead Generation Machine From The Leading FB Experts

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How To Become a Facebook Lead Generation Machine From The Leading FB Experts. Hear from Top Entrepreneurs Dennis Yu and Logan Young as they discuss everything related to Facebook Marketing. Facebook Marketing tips, how to use Facebook to EXPLODE your business, the impact not having a FaceBook marketing plan could have on you, why you need to have a FaceBook page for your business and keep it monitored, and so much more INCREDIBLY useful information. These dudes are the real deal, check it out!

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0:01 – Introduction
2:00 – Background on Dennis
3:30 – Dennis’ journey to marketing
4:00 – Being foreign in school and being able to learn calculus in 2nd grade
7:00 – Learning the Facebook algorithm to see what gets ‘likes’
10:10 – The difference between Facebook Profile and Pages
16:00 – 3 principles of Facebook Marketing
22:00 – 6 seconds is the average length of a video watched on FaceBook
25:40 – Dennis introduces his business partner, Logan Young
30:00 – Personal etiquette applies when marketing online
35:30 – You need to figure out your audience before you start marketing
39:30 – The ceiling for Organic reach of Facebook ads is only 30%
44:00 – If you don’t sequence your posts on Facebook, it’s pointless
45:30 – How do you know your posts don’t suck?
48:40 – Videos tend to get more reach than any other type of post
53:30 – How do you engage an audience if your first attempts don’t work?
58:00 – Once finding a tactic that works, how do you scale up and build it bigger?
1:03:00 – Where to get in touch with Dennis and Logan
1:07:00 – Where to find out where and when they are having speaking engagements
1:09:00 – Questions seldom asked that you think are important

Website: blitzmetrics.com/students
blitzmetrics.com/fdd use code: broke


Contact: logan@blitzmetrics.com

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