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3 Ways to Attract Inbound Leads with Digital Marketing – Lead Generation Tips, Strategies and Ideas

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Attracting more inbound leads is an “art”. Are you good at it?

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with Digital Marketing – Lead Generation Tips, Strategies and Ideas –
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3 Simple Ways To Attract Inbound Leads With Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to gain new customers, inbound marketing
is the way to do it. Long gone are the days where you had
to buy email lists and spend a small fortune on ads.

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These days, it is all about creating valuable content that
attracts direct inbound leads who are actually interested
in your product or service.

Here are three solid methods you can start using right away.

Create a blog

Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to
attract customers online. Adding a blog page to your
website doesn’t just potentially attract new customers,
it also helps to keep existing ones checking back to see
what’s new. In order to make it work, you will need to
add fresh, relevant content on a regular basis, ideally
each week.

So what is relevant content? Well, put simply it is something
that your customers are interested in right now. You could use
it to answer common questions you are asked about particular
products and services. Or you could update it with latest
industry news. It also gives you the opportunity to prove
yourself as an expert. This will increase your reputation
and make customers more willing to buy from you.


Offer something free

Everybody loves a freebie and you can use this to attract
inbound leads. Not all customers are going to want to buy
from you the first time they visit your website. That’s
where offering a little incentive comes in handy. This can
be anything from a short eBook to an entire video series.
This largely works for those selling services rather than
products. Discounts offer the same results and are more
effective for businesses selling products. While high
quality content and a good marketing strategy will attract
new leads, a free gift or discount will help you to convert
those leads into sales.

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Focus on the right keywords

Search engine optimization has long been the most effective
way of generating inbound leads. However, it’s extremely
easy to get it wrong.
In order to attract the right type of customer, you need to
make sure you are using the best keywords.


Popular short keywords are great, but you will be facing a
lot of competition. For example, if you’re a dentist, the
simple keyword “dentist” is unlikely to get you to the top
page of Google. Instead, you would need to focus on what is
known as localized longer tailed keywords. These could include
“cosmetic dentist in New York,” “root canal New York,” or
“affordable dental implants in New York.” (Just a tip!)

Overall, attracting inbound leads is easy once you know the
right techniques to use. However, we can help!

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3 Ways to Attract Inbound Leads with Digital Marketing –
Lead Generation Tips, Strategies and Ideas


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